Artist Beneficiary Awards Scheme

We provide a high level of personal, emotional, medical and physical support essential to life within a safe environment for adults living with complex support needs. This provision enables the artists (the beneficiaries) to feel supported whilst expressing creative talents and ideas, and to be recognised for their skills and individualism. Purpose and value lies at the heart of the charity enabling each artist to feel socially included and respected.

The artists work alongside the dedicated ARTHOUSE Unlimited team, supported by professional art instructors working collaboratively within their peer group to create and showcase artistic talent. The studio shop is based in a high street setting within the artist’s community, encouraging social inclusion and helping the artists feel a true sense of purpose which we believe enhances emotional health and wellbeing. All contributions are valued and 100% of sales revenue helps sustain the charity, enabling it to grow and evolve.

  • Each artist has their own digital portfolio which documents artworks, achievements, and contributions made collectively and individually. Each portfolio is also made up of photographs of the artists, a hard portfolio and a sketchbook.
  • All artists receive a certificate recognising achievements and development throughout the year, celebrating what each person can do and contributes to.
  • Each artist receives products featuring artwork which the individual has contributed to.
  • Each artist has the opportunity to attend shows and events throughout the year and work alongside volunteers in the shop serving customers, supporting a more socially inclusive life.
  • Each artist and their advocate (depending on mental capacity) chooses to sell the original individual artwork and if the artist chooses the work to be sold, family members get first refusal before being sold to the public.
  • Each artist and their advocate (depending on mental capacity) signs an intellectual copyright agreement to ensure the charity can protect the artists and the artwork for safe reproduction and sale. Everything produced in the charity setting is created collaboratively and is protected by ARTHOUSE Unlimited.
  • Each artist receives equal nominal financial awards at varying times throughout the year ensuring individuals still safely receive personal care packages.
  • Each artist is invited to attend a big celebratory Christmas party and varying events throughout the year.
  • There are often opportunities to submit artworks to external exhibitions and opportunities to showcase work with high profile collaborations. For example artist’s work has been produced in collaboration with Lush, Urban Outfitters and Fruu, and has also been on show at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

We aim to offer ARTHOUSE Unlimited artists the opportunity to feel purposeful, socially included and a sense of pride through the service we provide.