We are very proud to have the support of our fantastic patrons.


“When I first walked into ARTHOUSE Unlimited in Godalming, I was stopped in my tracks. I didn’t know what I was walking into, but I knew straightaway that it was very special indeed.”

Anthony Thompson, CEO of Fat Face, discovered ARTHOUSE Unlimited after visiting his recently opened store in Godalming. As he walked down the high street he happened across ARTHOUSE Unlimited and stopped instantly in his tracks. Though drawn to everything he saw, there was one painting in particular that compelled him to open the door and come in.

Fast forward a couple of months and Anthony is now an ARTHOUSE Meath Patron and an integral member of the team. He hopes that his extensive retail experience will help the enterprise grow and develop as a self-sustainable, commercially successful business. Titanious, the painting that started it all, adorns the wall in his office at Fat Face HQ.

Here, Anthony explains what his involvement as Patron means to him personally.

“Occasionally we all stop in our tracks. Something captures your heart, your gut and your imagination. When it happens you can’t help yourself. For a short, special moment you are transfixed and want more. You want to understand, you want to see more clearly, you want to know why you feel this way, and you want to be part of it because you know it is so special.

When I first walked into ARTHOUSE Meath in Godalming, I was stopped in my tracks. I didn’t know what I was walking into, but I knew straightaway that it was very special indeed. I had fallen for the humour, the light touch, the freedom of expression, the sense of purpose, and the confident, powerful, human, storytelling artistry, that was right in front of me.

I was then blown away with the fact that ARTHOUSE Meath aims to showcase the talent of adults living with severe epilepsy, learning and physical difficulties and puts 100% of sales revenue back into the project. Inspiring, humbling, exciting, and brilliant in equal measure. But be clear, it was the skillful, authentic, artistic skill that captured my imagination first.

I suppose I asked a lot of questions when I first visited the shop and was very vocal about my feelings for the incredible work that the artists and ARTHOUSE Meath were doing. When Becky Sheraidah then called me and we agreed to meet up and discuss ARTHOUSE Meath, I felt privileged and humbled to become a patron.

I hope that I can be helpful in some small way to Becky and her team achieving their vision.”