I have been coming to ARTHOUSE for 10 years. I’ve recently moved out of Meath & now I live with Adam & Sharon in our own house so I have become a lot more independent. I can go into town when I want, there are no restrictions on what I can do. My favourite band is Take That and I’ve treated my girlfriend Hannah for us to go to a few concerts!

I used to have a lot of drop seizures, so I used to fall down a lot but I don’t have them anymore. I don’t even have day seizures, just night seizures and only take 5 tablets now so it’s much better.

ARTHOUSE is great as I love painting, drawing and enjoy being so creative. It shows people the work I’ve done and I really enjoy seeing people buy it.
My favourite bit of advice from my cards is ‘Buy her chocolate and cake.’ Food is always the way to a women’s heart!

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