I had a stroke at the age of 17 months old which was a right – side hemiplegic which was caused by a bleed or blockage to the brain. It caused my right hand to have muscle spasms in my forearm and upper arm called dystonia. I was having absence seizures up to the age of nine years old then I started to have fully grown fits. I am on three types of pills. And touch wood now I am seizure free.

I volunteer at ARTHOUSE Unlimited, as well as doing my own art. I want to make my mark with my art, and let people understand what it’s like to have epilepsy. Making art helps me, and makes me feel more relaxed and less stressed. I feel appreciated when my work is out there in the world, being enjoyed by people.

The best thing about coming to ARTHOUSE is the nature of the people. They’re nice, and give you lots of good ideas and help to achieve the work and put it out there.

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