I’m Maria, I’m 31 years old but I look like I’m 29. Epilepsy has always been part of my life. My seizures used to worry me a lot too but now they have decreased a lot and I only have absences.

Epilepsy worried me at college as the doctors changed my medication, I didn’t really enjoy college for many reasons, but mainly because we studied the JFK assassination. JFK in my eyes is more of a superstar than my mum (but don’t tell her). Just because I’ve got epilepsy it doesn’t mean you’re cleverer than me.

I love being creative and feel so proud when someone says they love my work. My mum works in the shop when I’m here so I can always listen in and hear her mentioning my name. My best cards are the ones with Angela Merkel and Liza Minelli on, but I like all my cards so it’s always hard to pick a favourite.

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