We love collaborating.

Whether in the studio, or out in the wider world, be believe people work better together. Building bridges with people and brands who share our core values helps us spread our message far and wide, and create unique work in the process. 

These are a few of our most recent partnerships, If you’re interested in collaborating with us in any way, please do Get in Touch


ARTHOUSE Unlimited were approached by Oxfam to produce a bespoke design celebrating development projects in Zambia. Through improved access to water, local residents have been able to grow bananas, providing employment within a sustainable local economy.

Artists took inspiration from the people and places of region, as well as the vibrant patterns of local textiles. Large, colourful works were produced, which were arranged onto the beautiful, ethically sourced products now exclusively available in the ARTHOUSE Unlimited for Oxfam range. Find out more Here


Our relationship with Fatface began when CEO Anthony Thompson was stopped in his tracks by the artwork in the window of our Godalming store. Since then our partnership has gone on to produce clothing for children and men brings together the creativity and charm of ARTHOUSE artwork with the quality and comfort synonomous with the Fatface brand.

The range has included super soft cotton pyjamas and striking graphic tees. It has been an empowering experience for artists to see the impact of their work develop, including an appearance on BBC television about the collaboration. You can watch the video here


Our longstanding partnership with Lush is a constant source of fun and inspiration and has produced a world of wonderful products. 

We’re proud to have created bespoke designs for a number of knotwraps, Lush’s environmentally-friendly, inventive and infinitely stylish answer to packaging. These large, ethically sourced textiles make the perfect canvas for ARTHOUSE creativity, and popular designs have ranged from winter scenes to painterly birds and Ben Kennedy’s smash hit ‘How to be a Good Valentine’. It’s been wonderful to see ARTHOUSE enjoyed in Lush’s stores around the entire world, and to marry beautiful designs with gorgeous, ethical produce. You can see more from the collaboration on Lush’s website here