Enlighten, Indulge, and Enjoy

Enlighten, Indulge, and Enjoy


Our special Serenity and Smiles sets allow you to make your own selection of wonderfully unique ARTHOUSE products to send to loved ones or to enjoy yourself.

This Enlighten, Indulge, and Enjoy set will brighten anyone’s day with a choice of Tea and Biscuits box, one Fine Bone China Mug, an Organic Plant Wax Candle in a sumptuous scent of your choosing, plus a card.

For only £35!

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AHU ShopChoose a card and pop a personal message in the ‘Gift Message’ box in the billing section at the checkout and we’ll write your card for you.

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Cats, Bee Free, Figureheads, Blue Dogs, Dogs, Angels of the Deep, Sharks

Tea & Biscuits

Darjeeling, Assam, Earl Grey


The Wave, Dogs, Figureheads, Laura's Floral, Bee Free


Rumble, Abundance of Love Card, Miaow For Now, Dear Valentine, The Feel Good Diet, Key – Trust in Yourself, You Can, Bumpy ride, Happy Sunshine, You used to pick me up, In my heart forever, You are a star, It’s magic you’re such a good friend, Dance to the music, If I won the lottery, I love you gorgeous, Believe in who you are, Think about that one person, Sparkle like you mean it, Together from afar, I love you so much, Sending my love to you, Believe and be proud, I don’t go to church, Dolly says your beauty, You did Wonderfully, Our family love, Friends are a good thing, Have a Nice Day, It takes two to coo, Cheer Up old Chum, Dancers, Joanna Lumley, Crazy as a coconut, Congrats, I love you even though, Happy Wedding Day, Happy Crocktail birthday, It’s My Birthday so I’ll Drink, Superbman, Happy Barkday, Happy Beardy, Monster Birthday, Happy Burpday, Hippy Birthday, Still got your own teeth?, Happy birthday your highness, Happy birday, Barking mad birthday, You are a marvellous little man, My favourite man is my Dad, Dad no. 1, Wonder Woman, My favourite lady, No. 1 Mum, Laura’s Floral, Wildlife is Wonderful, Sharks, Flamingoes, Swim with Whales, Dogs, Bee Free, Gorillas, Panda Party, British Wildlife, I can, I am, Cats, Thank you Cheers Mate, Congratulations on your baby, Thank you owl, How to be a good parent, Thank you you shouldn’t have, Welcome to the world, Get well soon bird, Get well soon sick bucket, Get well soon. Been sniffing up the wrong end?, Happiness in your new home, Hope your new house doesn’t have ghosts


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