ARTHOUSE Unlimited is a charity that showcases the artistic talents and skills of adults who live with diverse learning and physical disabilities. The charity empowers individuals to create and collaborate, fostering a sense of value, respect and pride. By promoting inclusion and purpose, ARTHOUSE Unlimited believes in improving health and happiness. The charity depends on sales and donations to continue providing new and inclusive opportunities.


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meet the artists
meet the artists
"I feel very independent when I come to ARTHOUSE as I can be creative. Sometimes I do like to be known as an artist. Someone came in on Saturday and called me an artist which was great and made me very happy."
— Artist, Elanor Sinden
meet the artists
"It makes me happier to come here every week. I come to ARTHOUSE Unlimited three times a week to be in the studio and in the shop. I like to draw and add texture to my drawings and it helps me to keep going and relax. When I'm in the shop, I like to meet customers, say hello, and show them what I've done here."
— Artist, Peter Andrews
meet the artists
I’ve been coming to ARTHOUSE for a while now. I love coming here because it’s nice to learn new skills and stretch my ability. I feel blessed when I see my artwork on products in the shop. It makes me feel really proud being part of the ARTHOUSE, I created the gold frame design on the labels so my work is represented on all the products.
— Artist, Jack Churchyard
meet the artists
"I feel very proud when someone sees my work. I remember I had a car accident, but I love coming to paint. I feel very proud when someone sees my work. My sister has a picture of mine on the wall, and hopefully many other people do to. I am so happy here."
— Artist, Michael O'Sullivan
meet the artists
"I’ve been coming to ARTHOUSE Unlimited for a long time now, I love it because I like coming up with ideas for cards. I like coming here because the people here are friendly, caring, nice and kind. It makes me feel so good when I see my work being sold. I feel really proud of myself."
— Artist, Karen Brown
meet the artists
"I’m an artist and a packaging facility assistant. On Fridays, I like helping to pack the online orders for the costumers. During my studio sessions, I like drawing, tracing and doing group projects. I also like helping the art instructor to prepare the artwork for painting. My favourite paintings are the ones I did recently with other artists for the stacked animal’s project"
— Artist, Philippa Morrison

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Country Garden

Original Artwork by Simon Hammond

Best Friends

Original Group Artwork

Jelly Hippo Crock-A-Doo

Original Artwork by Stephen Thompson

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