At ARTHOUSE Unlimited, our art sessions are held six days a week, with two sessions per day. Each session accommodates up to seven artists, with the inclusion of a shop assistant placement. In sessions where higher levels of support are needed, we may have fewer artists present to ensure that each individual receives personalized attention and emotional support.


Led by experienced art instructors, our weekly sessions foster close working relationships between artists and instructors, creating a supportive and understanding environment. Artists collaborate as a team, actively contributing their ideas and building upon each other's thoughts in a space that truly belongs to everyone.


To ensure the physical and emotional well-being of our artists at all times, we have dedicated inclusion officers who provide continuous support, particularly for those with complex epilepsy who may require emergency treatment in the event of a seizure.
Our art studio is situated within a shop setting on Godalming high street, allowing artists to see their work displayed and interact with customers directly. Volunteers assist artists in the shop, learning valuable skills in the role of a shop assistant.


As a charity, we operate in two parts: the service for the artists and the business arm. Recognizing the importance of sustainability, we decided not to rely solely on donations or funding bodies, which whilst welcome can be unpredictable. Instead, we license the artwork to our business arm, which produces a range of products for sale nationwide. Sales revenue goes towards artists' beneficiary awards and sustaining the charity, helping to ensure that our mission can endure and continue to support artists for years to come.

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