At ARTHOUSE Unlimited, we firmly believe in the power of inclusion to improve positive emotional health and overall well-being. Our provision is dedicated to ensuring that individuals who require complex levels of daily physical, emotional, and learning support, receive essential care while also being respected for their individual artistic skills, talents, and uniqueness.


Through our inclusion program, each artist is valued for their distinct abilities, talents and personality within our studio, among peers, and in the broader community. We believe that through artistic expression, everyone can showcase their individualism, building pride and self-esteem along the way.


By presenting artwork to a high standard, we aim to instil a sense of true value for the artist's contributions, fostering a supportive environment where achievements are shared and celebrated daily. 
The reproduction of artwork on products for sale, accompanied by information about our charity, serves as a means to reach people across the globe.

A female artist holding A pink and gold card with a hand drawn star and the words you are a star!

Our goal is to promote social inclusion on a broader scale, touching the lives of many more individuals. We envision that the proceeds from sales will not only support the artists but also sustain our charity for the long term, ensuring that our mission endures and continues to make a meaningful impact in the lives of those we serve.

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