Stephen Thompson

Believe in yourself. It doesn’t matter who you are. We are all different.

I’ve had epilepsy since I was born. when I kept all my thoughts and everything inside I get a lot of seizures because of stress. But now everything is released because I write everything down in a book and my diet is healthy and I walk a lot. So I don’t get them any more .

I love helping people out there to explore themselves to come out and to be proud and believe in themselves, like I did. It is not easy, it can be very hard. I’ve made cards, I am super gay, Believe in who you are and Follow your dreams and believe.

I love the work I do, I have lots of ideas and I have a good imagination I enjoyed doing fantasy animals and a group affirmation painting where I made a large heart that says Stand up and be strong which is on a print but also in design for a tea cup, tea towel and chocolate.

Coming to Arthouse Unlimited helps me with my mind, meeting and talking to other people and relaxing with my artwork.

See below for Stephen's portfolio of work...